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Truck Tracker UX/UI

Truck Tracker



•  User Experience
• User Research / User  Interviews
•  User Interface 




This side project begun after watching the film Chef. I quickly grew to have an obsession with food trucks, but was having trouble finding food trucks near me. This gave me the idea to create Truck Tracker, a mobile app that helps users find food trucks nearest them while at the same time offering food hacks,  secret menu items and the ability to save favorites. 

truck-trackermarketing site.png


I conducted several user interviews and found that user would like to gain more insights about food trucks, which sparked the features below:

  1. Yelp Integration- read reviews from fellow food truckers
  2. Share photos and vote on the best item on the menu
  3. Find out secret hacks to food items
  4. Beat the rush and order ahead of time


I went through several design explorations, but settled on a simple, iconic approach. Keeping the design simple, yet warm and inviting.