Ashley Romo Design

Waffle & Brew

ChowNow Test Project 



•  User Flows
•  Wireframes
•  Hi-Fi Mocks
•  Prototype




The assignment was to create an app experience for a charity event hosted by Waffle & Brew. The requirements were to choose two high fidelity screens from the list provided and to create a seamless experience where users could check in to the event locations, track their steps and earn rewards. As I dug into the brief I realized that this app felt like it could be leveraged for more than a one-time experience. During my design process, I began to think about how I could best achieve the app requirements, but at the same time build something flexible that would scale nicely in the future.




I did some initial research of the competitive landscape, exploring other reward apps and then gradually moved into creating a core set of user flows. I wanted to understand the actions users would need to take and how those would help inform the anatomy of the experience.




After a few initial design explorations, I decided on a minimal and understandable approach—keeping the design simple and reliable, yet pleasurable.



Once I moved into high fidelity mocks, I really wanted to take the opportunity to add imagery and a color palette that would tie the experience back to the restaurant. The design uses a welcoming color palette that feels appropriate for waffles and beer, but maintains a lightweight aesthetic overall to keep things usable.



I made a quick prototype in Invision to validate my design decisions. This helped to reinforce the flow of things and make sure there were no major holes in the experience.

Click here to view prototype.